Love 4 Furniture – Sofá de estilo Liberator Esse, microfibra, negro

(a día de 09/23/2018 a las 15:12 UTC)


Add new energy to your relationship with the exciting and 100% brand new and premium quality s Sofa love furniture. With the South sofa What it means Adieu Monotonie in your bedroom. The ergonomically shaped parts of the Esse give you completely new possibilities on the highest build quality. The skin-friendly cover made of microfibre is designed for the cushion that can be fixed in any position on the Esse. More endurance, more possibilities and incredibly intense experience. Effective, comfortable and attractive than regular, inflatable cushions which double as they slip or Einsinken, this combo is the perfect addition to and partner for unlimited creativity. Usage: and the best part about it is, it is the s Sofa in your bedroom with the decor so that nobody get on the idea, what this is. Dimensions: Width 40 cm, length: 180 cm, Height 81 cm (at the highest point) Discover the best S3X in your life. Almost any position you can imagine, this furniture set. The ergonomic angle. This Love The furniture brings your body and your partner’s in a comfortable and steady & firm in its position, without pressure on the knee, wrists or your back. Any Position is held in place with the veränderten penetration angle become more intense. All the S sofa offers you a chance to more endurance, more items and incredibly intense experience. This love furniture enables a variety of positions and lowest penetration of angle. Comfortable soft microfibre inside with PU foam lining to protect against moisture. Package will ship in 5 to 8 days (Germany and EU), with tracking.

  • Liberator Esse – Mueble para sexo.